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Dark Reign: A Horde Guild on Sen'jin

Welcome to Dark Reign, a semi-casual Horde raiding guild on the US Server Sen'jin. We are currently running all CATA 5 man content. Looking forward to starting raids in Jan as ppl get to lev 85 and meet gear requirments for the instances. We normally raid from 8pm to 11pm server time. We raid 10 man content M-F and 25 man content on the weekends.

Most of our members are mature with lives outside the game. Our expectations may be different than most other guilds, and we expect any player who wishes to excel in this guild to put forth the effort on their own. We are willing to train the right people, but we are unwilling to devote energy and resources to people who do not strive to become better. If you show promise and skill, you'll be invited to raids.

Our main philosophy is to use our time wisely and efficiently to achieve the best results without sacrificing the main reason we play this game--to have a ton of fun.

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DR the guild
07/25/2016 11:34 AM by TinkDammers
yeppers we are still around mostly just doing dailies and chatting now and then


still at it
06/27/2015 01:54 PM by TinkDammers
DR is up and going wonder at times


Up and going
02/17/2015 01:09 PM by TinkDammers


Our Sadness
09/24/2014 06:52 PM by TinkDammers
Kassar has Past away and out hearts go out to her family


Up and rebuilding
05/06/2014 08:25 PM by TinkDammers

we are rebuilding the guild for the unkowen time don't rember how many times it has blowen up but we are still here


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Rogue Rogue Open
Shaman Shaman Open
Warlock Warlock Open
Warrior Warrior Open
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